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July 2009


Working it out before we are gone...

So I am writing this to test and see that if you subscribed, does it notify you through your e-mail when a new entry is posted? Also I wanted to correct what I said previously for those who have not subscribed to do that and not "bookmark." Finally, a heads up on my grammar and spelling (I work with a lot of teachers). I am terrible at it and will probably be even worse on the road so don't be a hater....I went to school for music and I only had to know the alphabet A-G and count to 4. To us a period is a dot that extends a note's rhythm value and apostrophes are where you breath. If one or two of you want to give a shout out that you were notified of this entry that would be swell. More exciting news to come.....16 days and counting!

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Before we go

This is just the first trial entry. I have decided to keep record of our planned trip to Peru and Bolivia here as to have one central place that everyone can access. I hope that you will bookmark this somewhere and leave lots of comments while we are away. Obviously I do not know yet, nor have any control as to what kind of internet services will be obtainable once we arrive in Peru, but I plan on updating and checking when the situation presents itself.

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