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Well we were all ready, bags checked, security cleared and then our delay that was going to cut it close in regards to our connecting flight bumped us from crossed fingers to screwed. So back through security and up the escalator to speak with the wonderful air representative who share the good news that the only way we were getting anywhere today was to uncheck out bags and make it to JFK for a 1:20 flight 14 hours straight to Tokyo. Yikes! So there went the bulkhead seats we were excited about and instead rationalized putting out the money to get us to the next airport. The one I originally looked at but was such a pain and expense to get to I had rationalized the flight path we had originally chosen as the best for the money. Well throw all those hours of planning out the window and call an uber driver to detour us through the city to save $6 bucks on an already ridiculous fare and get us to JFK. So the adventure began a little earlier than planned but thank goodness we were able to make it work an now we are here!


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A leading question for all parents - "Do you know where your children are?". Until now we have said, "WHERE IN THE WORLD are they?" Knowing that you are safe and loving the area of the world you have chosen for this trip spells - RELIEF - We knew all along you were in the midst of the testing that all world travellers are subject to. Safe and secure, with yet another harrowing experience behind you. And so, dear ones, just relax, rest and take in all of the thrilling, breathtaking areas of the FarEast that you can. So good to see you enjoying yourselves once more. Take care and know we travel with you in spirit. God bless, Mom and Dad

by Mom and Dad McLaughlin

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