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The Beaches of Zanzibar...(Hope you like pictures of fish.)

The aquatic safari portion of the trip....

The ride takes about an hour and when we arrive we all concur that the trip was worth it!
So in our trip notes it states that we are to be staying in bungalows which on a basic trip I wasn't expecting more than a bed in a hut. So we were all pleasantly surprised when we got rooms with balconies that looked like this:


The water was absoluely breath taking. So clear and calm.

And it wasn't crowded at all and there were hardly any tourists to bother you too!


After settling into our accommodations we head down to the beach for a swim and to soak in the beauty.



Our hellish trek here was truly worth it! We all planned to meet for dinner at 7 PM in the fancy Italian restaurant, Essence. Very NOT Basic but nice after all the grueling days on the truck and ferry.


Zanzibar - Snorkeling Day

After breakfast we are ready for our snorkeling! We were scheduled to leave at 9 AM, which was rescheduled for 9:30, and eventually it came to be 10 - it's African Time! So after breakfast with the view of the ocean we walked along the beach.

10 AM we suit up - half wet suit, mask, snorkel and fins - let's go!

On the boat we are joined by Bob & Christine from Florida, John from New Zealand, and a very nice English gentleman whose wife was on the other boat with a group of scuba divers (she is a teacher who has volunteered to teach English in Rwanda for two years so this is their holiday.) Chris is our boat leader / guide, a snorkeling guide and we also had a Captain. Oh and two Canadians from our tour.....
On the way we stop at another resort (about a 5 minute ride) and pick up a Belgian couple to fill our boat and now on to our destination - a small island about 30 minutes away. Our ride was nice, along the way we are treated to beautiful tropical turquoise, clear water.

When we arrive Chris gives us a brief talking and then - IN WE GO!!!


It was wonderful! The water is warm and crystal clear! Thom was a bit nervous as his last snorkeling experience in San Diego was not that pleasant - he did fine. Here the water is calm and clean, you can see all the way to the bottom (about 25 feet down). We are on a coral reef thriving with coral, star fish, sea urchins and MANY varieties of tropical fish. Our underwater camera is a good companion during our 45 - 60 minute swim.

And more fish and coral ...... But our camera really doesn't come close to capturing the beauty and thousands of fish! It is really hard to catch those guys on film!!! We saw so much more than just this but I couldn't catch it all in the water. Still amazing!!!


What!!! Who let this fish in the ocean!!!

Here fishy fishy fishy fishy!!!!!!

I'd like to be....under the sea....

We reboard to head over to another side of the island. Along the way we are please to come upon a school of dolphins (I thought they were called pods but that's for hippos and whales) about a dozen or so.


They seem to be "playing" with our boat. Soon other boats join in the fun, but our friends seem to want to stay away from their crafts and follow us - great fun and pictures / videos!

When we get to our destination we are again joined by the dolphins, Again we are swimming in crystal clear water surrounded by many beautiful creatures.

Starfish take the best photos because they work it hard....and they don't move too. large_P1020464.jpg

After about 30 - 45 minutes more in the water we reloaded and begin to head home. On the ride home we are treated to beverages and fresh fruits and snacks. It begins to rain but we travel through the rain and after dropping off the Belgian couple we arrive back to the dock where we turn in our equipment and Kelly and I go to Essence for a snack and to relax. After our snack we find Nancy on the beach where we join her for a drink prior to getting ready for dinner. There I took some of my absolute favorite photos of the sun setting...


Postcard material:

Tonight dinner will be at the Sunset Restaurant (the hotel's restaurant) @ 7 PM. We have dinner with our group and head to bed for our final night in this tropical paradise.

Tomorrow - my "friend" on the ferry... If only we knew what kind of hell awaited us....

Oh and I almost forgot about the GIANT SNAILS...Sorry

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Dolphins! Snokleling! Starfish! Heaven. I am so excited for you both! What a life changing experience. Take it all in! I can't wait to hear all of the details when you return, Ali

by Ali

How very special you must feel to be able to capture the seaworld in a day and then to share it through a lifetme. I am thrilled for you both. God has surely blessed with his wonders of nature and the deep. Treasure it all. Love you so much, Mom and Dad

by Mom and Dad McLaughlin

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