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Oh man what a start...

Getting to Lima

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Ok I am officially in Lima Peru and Thom and I are safe so let's just put that out on the table. However it has not been the best journey so far. Let's see....I think I will never fly to or from Miami again. We took American Airlines to Miami and when we got there it was 9 P.M. Since the first flight was a domestic one there were no frills...and I mean no frills. If you actually wanted to watch something it was clips of T.V. shows off of ABC, not even one full show...

I digress... Ariving at Miami we were a bit hungry and new that our international flight was going to be at midnight we figured we'd grab something decent in the airport....oh sorry everything in the whole friggn' airport closes at 9!!!! Ok Swell.

Then we get on Air Lan which by the way is a pretty decent international air line and the people on the plane were super nice. But, of course my monitar would not load propperly and so I had no T.V. Again fine since our flight was a red eye landing at 4:30 a.m. Peru time, 5:30a.m. our time...that's right kids it is actually only an hour behind????

But the best is last to come. Upon arriving and proceeding through customs and then finally to baggage we waited....and waited...and waited...until "No Mas" "No more" was told.....We were fortunate to have gotten our two backpacks but our other two bags are still in Miami...way to go American Airlines!!!!
I am missing my hiking boots my mat to sleep on when we camp and everything you could possibly need in the bathroom.....Thom is also missing all of these things as well as his underwear....Fabulous.....

So we meet with our guide in an hour or two and I am hoping we can get things straight with the airport since we will be on the move....Good Grief!!!!

Ok so aside from that after and very long nap, Thom and I decided to go out and explore Lima a little. We walked to the Plaza de Armas where we happened to run into a fabulous parade with people dressed in traditional Peruvian costumes and music and dance. Then this one group came up the street some wearing these pretty ugly black masks and one was a woman with tons of red lipstick on this mask. She came up to us dancing and kissed thom on the face and left a huge stain of lipstick in is beard.....Not sure what this ment or symbolzed hopefully that better luck is to come.

We did find a really nice Vegetarian place to eat at down the street and an amazing man named Lenny who helped translate food choices for us since our Spanish is pretty bad I have t admit. He and his family were so nice. Thank God for people like that especially when you are already feeling very volunrable.

Ok last update...Thom said he met our guide and (I can't remember his name right now) but he is from Hungry speacks very good English and says he can help us to get our bags!!! There is hope!
I will keep you posted but from here we go to Paracas National Park and camp one night, Boat trip around Bastelle Islands and then to Nazca desert to see the lines formed by ??? no one knows. So probably won't be by a computer for the next 3 days but please leave me messages for when I do.

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Happy to hear that you made it ok. That sucks about your bags. Hope you get them back before you next leg of the trip! Thom will need his underwear.....lol!! Sounds like you are having a good time in spite of that. Hopefully that was the worst of the trip and now everything will be good! We miss you but hope you are having fun!

by Kristy

FABULOUS!!! What a great adventure you are having. Just wait there will more to come, and surely it will be just as filled with excitement and create memories. So happy to get these lovely notes, keep them coming. Take care and Thom just be glad you had one set of undies on - you did have one set of undies on did'nt you ????? Perhaps you will find some fig leaves in the park... Love to both, take care and do ENJOY!!

by Thomas McLaughlin

Can't believe all that stuff! At least you got all of the bad stuff out of the way! Enjoy your time and keep those updates coming!!!!!

by Caitlin

Thom is comando in peru....I hear that is ok! Despite the early problems enjoy and have a blast!

by Kris

hay pobres! el peor ha terminado. buena suerte y disfrute el viaje.

by sharon robertson

I agree not a good start but it's always how it ends that matters! Hope you have already gotton your bags and everything has turned around to the fun an adventure part of this trip. Stay safe and keep us posted. Love ya

by Mom

Hey Kelly, this will make a great story when you get back! Uncle Mike and I know how stressful this sort of thing can be; don't let it ruin your day because in reality it is out of your control! Have a drink and enjoy the music
Aunt Lori

by Lori Marino

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