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Day two in Jaisalmer

We woke up a little later then I wanted but it was fine since we didn't go to bed until really late. Thom and I had breakfast with Monty and the two girls from Switzerland and we decided to walk the streets in the fort just the two of us for a while. We stopped in one shop and Thom got a light shirt and I got some funky MC Hammer looking pants...ha ha ha,

Then we stopped in a textile shop and had a really nice time looking at all sorts of fabrics. The owner was great. He was really knowledgeable and truthful in explaining the differences between the machine made fabric verses the hand stitched embroidered ones. Many of the handmade ones are made from patches of fabrics from traditional Hindu and Muslim dresses girls wear for special occasions and weddings in local villages. So we sat and he served us chai and took out at least 30-40 different kinds of patterns and colors and we finally decided on a beautiful orange one that they turned into a duvet cover right there on the spot and another for hanging on the wall.

That night Monty was planning a special dinner for us on the roof top of our hotel where we could all rent traditional Indian outfits and he got us a Harmonium Player and singer.
So all the girls met up first at this shop where we met Shina.

She was such a character and I loved her so much. Such a funny lady. She let us all pick out different colored Saris and then helped dress and wrap them around us. Next we all got beautiful henna drawn on the palms of our hands.

It was so wonderful to be with a bunch of just girls. For a while I felt like all you really saw were Indian men especially on the train and while now in Jaisalmer we do see more walking about we don't really get much interaction with them so it was really great to get some girl time in. Shina gave us toe rings, bindis and jewelry to wear as well. She was joking about promising some of the girls to marry Indian men too ha ha ha.

Next the boys came to the shop and Shina,s husband dressed them in flowing shirts and pants and then wrapped turbans on their heads and gave them red marks on their foreheads.

We were quite a group!

(Side note- the traditional wear was beautiful and awesome to wear but was soooooooo hot! We all had new respect for the women and men who wear these daily)

So afterwards we headed up to the roof top for pictures as the sun was setting and dinner while listening to the harmonium player sing traditional songs from the region. It was a really fun day.

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Looks like you are really enjoying learning about the Indian culture. I expect to see you playing in a band soon! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

by Lori Marino

These pictures are amazing! Looks like such fun. So "Eat Pray Love" like scenery ha ha. I am absolutely loving your posts:)

by Chris

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti! Just BEAUTIFUL!

by Amala

You are becoming a travel writer, can't wait to read your blog. Think second career!

by Trudy Lockspeiser

Kelly your naratives are superb, you should get them published. In reading I am living with you your adventures and seemingly experiencing first hand all of the joys and wonders. And Thom you always "blend in" with the peoples you are visiting, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS. What a handsome East Indian you have become. So pleased that all is going well. Love you both. Mom and Dad

by Mom and Dad

Kelly and Thom beautiful pictures You are living a dream enjoy and have a wonderful time love you

by Lorraine

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